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Are you an author?

Then you might be interested in trying out a new service we’ve been developing recently: ClickReading Tracker. The main idea is to track book’s sales performance. It’s similar to NovelRank and RankTracer, but much better looking and includes a few unique features not found anywhere else:

  • It can track sales ranks on Amazon, Barnes&Nobles and iTunes (Kobo is on todo list);
  • It can track not only global sales rank, but also per category, such as “science fiction”, “thrillers”, etc;
  • For iTunes it tracks book rank across categories, featured lists (like top free, top paid, new and hot, etc) and sorting modes (bestsellers, release date, all-time bestsellers);
  • International markets are supported (currently only US, UK, CA, IN, others are on todo list).

It’s still in development, but if you are interested and want early access, please sign up at or use the form below to request more information.